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EarHub Sleepwell Soft Silicone Earplugs

EarHub Sleepwell Soft Silicone Earplugs

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EarHub Sleepwell soft silicone earplugs are designed to reduce harmful or irritating noise for a better night's sleep. Particularly suitable for side-sleepers, and for combatting snoring. Mouldable for a perfectly comfortable fit, Sleepwell can be used up to three times. These reusable earplugs can also be used to protect your ears from water during swimming or water sports.
Available in packs of 3 pairs, 6 pairs, and 12 pairs. Noise reduction: approximately 27dB.

1. With clean, dry hands form the plug into the correct shape for your ear, taking care to avoid the plug being torn.
2. Place the plug over the ear, pressing gently to cover the opening of the ear canal. The ear should be clean and dry and hair kept well away from the plug.
3. The plug must cover the ear opening only and not be pushed into the ear canal, as should this happen, it can be difficult to remove.
How to clean:
Always make sure your Sleepwell earplugs are clean. Use warm, soapy water, then rinse and leave to sit and dry naturally.
- Sleepwell earplugs are designed to sit in the ear covering only, so don't push the plug into the ear canal.
- Do not break or cut the earplug in half. If any part of the earplug separates into the ear canal during removal, don't attempt to retrieve it as this could push the piece further into the canal. Visit your doctor for advice.
- Do not use for scuba diving or swimming at depths of more than 1 metre.
- Keep out of reach of children. Though non-toxic, these earplugs are a choking hazard to young children.
- Children over the age of 6 may use these earplugs but only with adult supervision.

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