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Fast dispatch, quick delivery

Snorestore Coronavirus Update

Snorestore aims to dispatch your order within 2 working days, Monday to Friday. In the UK, this means you should receive your order after around 7-10 days, hopefully sooner. Obviously local Coronavirus regulations affect Royal Mail's ability to collect and deliver post. Please be patient. For overseas orders, we would hope your item arrives within 2-4 weeks.
Brexit: We are still shipping to European destinations but we can't be sure how this will work out if you are living in an EU country. Some key products are proving difficult to get hold of reliably. Unsurprising.

Anti-Snoring, Pro-Sleep Earplugs

If you're having trouble sleeping and you're not sure which earplugs are best for you, we recommend an Earplugs Sample Pack as your first Snorestore purchase. We're always happy to make suggestions to combat snoring etc but don't be dismayed if we can't magic a miracle cure. Our information section explains why.

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