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EarHub Sleepwell Purple Soft Earplugs

EarHub Sleepwell Purple Soft Earplugs

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Enjoy disturbance-free, peaceful nights, and ear protection at work or concerts with EarHub Sleepwell earplugs. Brightly coloured and T-shaped for an easy fit, EarHub comes with a noise reduction rating of 33 decibels, one of the highest-rated anti-snoring earplugs out there. Designed using soft foam, EarHub allows you to relax in comfort when sleeping, working, or playing. Colour: purple. Pack size: 10 pairs.

1. With clean hands, free from handcreams or lotions, slowly roll down and squeeze the earplug between your fingers until it is compressed.
2. Insert the compressed plug slowly into the ear canal. This is easier if the ear is gently pulled upwards and outwards. Keep the plug in place until it has expanded back to fill the ear canal.
3. Refit the plug if it becomes dislodged through movement. Before each fitting, the plugs should be inspected. Do not use dirty or damaged plugs.
This product is intended as a disposable earplug and should be stored in its original packaging and disposed of after use. Do not wash or re-use these earplugs. These earplugs may be adversely affected by certain chemical substances, inlcuding handcreams and lotions. Keep out of reach of children.
Always be sure that these earplugs are:
- Suitable for application.
- Fitted properly in the ear.
- Worn at all times of exposure to noise.
- Replaced after use.
As with any hearing protector, if the instructions given on this package are not followed or the product is not used correctly, the protection offered by the earplugs could be severely impaired and result in permanent hearing damage. If in doubt about how to use this product, ask for advice from your pharmacist.

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