New earplugs for a new decade

Haspro Sleep Earplugs Haspro Swim EarplugsHaspro Moulded Comfort Sleep MaskHaspro Pure Music Earplugs

Our earplugs are second to none – but you already know that. So why would we need to change what we offer you? Simple. We owe it to you to sample the newest earplugs just so we know you’re not missing out on an even better night’s sleep. Which means …

Welcome to Haspro earplugs!

Haspro are a Polish company known across eastern Europe for top quality medical and other supplies, including for example, swimming goggles. So it was a natural step for their designers to branch out into earplugs.

We’ve been working with them for a few months and are now pleased to say we stock the whole Haspro range, from the high end Pure Music and Work range, to essential Sleep, Party, Swim and Fly earplugs for daily use.

We hope you like them as much as we do. As a launch offer, we’re’re giving away a light blocking, sleep enhancing, comfort eye mask with every set of reusable Sleep Earplugs.

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