Super-ECO products

Super-ECO Earplugs from Snorestore
Super-ECO Earplugs from Snorestore

We are gradually phasing out the use of extra plastic bags to package our earplugs. As the products which still use them run out, the default option will be the ECO option – individual sachets of one pair of earplugs, usually sold in batches of ten pairs.

We are also introducing a Super-ECO option. This will mean your earplugs will not be in individual plastic sachets. Rather, they will be supplied in a recyclable paper bag, loose. Instructions will not be included so you will need to make use of the information on our website if you don’t know how to use your earplugs.

Your earplugs will be hygienically handled to ensure no contamination. We always use soft cotton gloves to pack these items.

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