ECO packaging and your delivery

It’s been a year since we started offering an ECO option alongside our regular plastic-bagged choice of foam earplugs.

Customers overwhelmingly choose the former, which is very pleasing, and as a result we have seen our plastic bag usage plunge by more than 90%. 

We are now shifting our delivery packaging to ECO materials also. This means that from now on, you will usually see your earplugs arrive in a recycled, and recyclable brown cardboard or heavy duty manilla envelope.

Foam earplugs which arrive slightly flattened are not a problem – they will regain their shape when they are removed from their outer packaging. Other earplugs already come in rigid containers so are well protected from the postal system.

We all have a responsibility to reduce the amount of waste dumped in the environment. We hope you join us on this important journey. Remember, good things come in small (brown) packages!

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