Time to bin the plastic

Plastic waste
Let’s reduce this.

We’re surrounded by plastic. Water bottles, supermarket packaging, coffee cups. The damage it’s doing to us, our oceans and wildlife is incalculable.

At Snorestore, we recycle everything that can be recycled. There’s a lot of cardboard and paper and that’s easily dealt with. But the plastic which can’t be recycled is unacceptably high. We want to reduce this.

We are going to start by offering an “ECO” option for some of the earplugs which until now, we have put together for you in plastic bags. The plastic bag will go, and you will receive individually wrapped pairs of earplugs instead. Not as neat and tidy, but that’s one plastic bag fewer. A drop in the ocean perhaps, but who knows, it could be the most important drop for, say, a sea turtle.

As an incentive, we are reducing the price of these options very slightly. Your feedback, as ever, is welcome.

8 thoughts on “Time to bin the plastic

  1. Thanks so much for for this! May all other retailers follow in your footsteps. You have my loyal custom

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