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Uvex Hi-Com Earplugs

Uvex Hi-Com Earplugs

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Uvex Hi-Com earplugs are uniquely designed to fit the natural shape of the ear and reduce the pressure on the ear canal.
Capable of reducing incoming noise by 24dB, Uvex Hi Com earplugs can be used for sleeping as well as for industrial settings where noise levels reach 95bB(A).
Ten individual pairs.
The earplug's indentations increase the surface area which helps improve the absorbency of inner noise and reduces the amount of bounce-back.
* The hollows in the nose and base give a low and linear attenuation
* Low attenuation (SNR 24 dB) PU foam disposable earplug
* Excellent speech and warning signal recognition
* Designed to reduce levels of inner ear sounds which occur when earplugs are worn
* Increased surface area improves absorbency and creates a softer acoustic profile
* Reduced risk of over protection
* Protection for noise levels up to 95 dB(A)

Price 6.95

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