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SmartFit Earplugs

SmartFit Earplugs

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The ultimate non custom-fit earplug. Conforming Material Technology™ means the earplug changes shape with body heat to conform to every invidual wearer. The longer you wear it, the better it fits.
Comes with a detachable cord system and a smart HearPack pocket storage case. NRR 30dB. Not suitable for sleeping. Colour: orange with blue cord.
Fitting Instructions
SmartFit uses advanced materials that respond to the body heat inside the ear. No two people are alike and as SmartFit warms up, it takes on the unique shape of the surrounding ear canal to fit the wearer perfectly. SmartFit actually feels better the longer it’s worn, unlike traditional earplugs that feel okay at first and later irritate ears. Once removed, SmartFit returns to its original shape, ready to be used again and again.
Flanged handle for easy insertion/removal and high visibility for compliance checks. Hygienic design promotes easy cleanup with soap and water. Detachable fabric cord for corded or uncorded use. Individually packaged in a HearPack™ storage case. One size fits most users.

Price 5.95

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