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SilentEar Earplugs

SilentEar Earplugs

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SilentEar earplugs have been developed to provide maximum protection in maximum noise situations.
They feature a patented soft, pliable silicone rubber shell filled with noise deadening silicone gel.
The two-part structure provides superior noise reduction qualities, higher than any other reusable earplug currently available.
It is recommended that SilentEar earplugs are only used where the noise levels exceed 100 decibels e.g. operating heavy duty machinery, airport staff, shooting.
Two sizes: small and average. Approximately 80% of people will find the average size fits them best.
Noise reduction: 32dB.
Reusable and washable. Pack size: one pair. Colour: orange.
We do not recommend these earplugs for sleeping or for domestic noise. If you are after earplugs for sleeping, then look at our Sample Packs. They are the only products we recommend for a first purchase from Snorestore. Why? Read this.

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