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Rubbeez Physio Cream

Rubbeez Physio Cream

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Rubbeez is a massage cream containing 100% natural ingredients. Produced in New Zealand, it is totally Paraben free.
Rubbeez is designed for external application over muscles and joints.
Formulated with an olive oil base, the cream glides easily over the skin and makes it a perfect massage medium.
Soothing and gentle, the cream penetrates swiftly and helps to soothe tired muscles.
An excellent replacement for Fisiocrem.
Rubbeez is an official supplier to Team GB's freestyle snowboard teams.
Rubbeez contains olive oil, comfrey (traditionally associated with healing), Arnica (traditionally associated with reducing inflammation), St. John's Wort (considered to be a natural antiseptic) and Calendula (traditionally considered to be anti-bacterial). For more details: www.herbalbenefits.net
Precautions: Do not use on broken skin. Avoid contact with eyes.

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