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PillowSoft Earplugs

PillowSoft Earplugs

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Easy to use, supremely comfortable, Mack's PillowSoft earplugs are particularly suitable for sleeping and travelling, as well as for keeping out water.
PillowSoft earplugs are designed to adhere gently over the opening to the ear canal where the soft silicone putty moulds to your ears for a unique waterproof and airtight fit.
As these earplugs are not "in", so to speak, they can't fall out. Noise Reduction Rating: 22dB. You can expect to get around five uses per earplug with careful daily (or nightly) use. Always follow the instructions.
Please note: when available, the six pair natural/beige colour are packaged as "Snoozers" and the 6 pair orange are packaged as "SnoreMufflers". If these are not visible in the drop-down box, please choose a variation.
Directions: Clean and dry the ear opening and your hands. Shape a single earplug into a ball. Place it firmly over the ear opening, then flatten with your finger until it feels secure. DO NOT PLACE INSIDE THE EAR CANAL. Do not use below 1 metre depth.
As with all silicone and wax earplugs, the very nature of the material means it is sticky. If it sticks to your ear, it will also stick to your hair. Do not be surprised if you find residue in your hair (especially people with long hair) from time to time. Remove it by rubbing the product gently between your fingers. Discard.

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