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Ladybuds Earplugs

Ladybuds Earplugs

In stock

Ladybuds earplugs are made from an uncompromisingly soft material to match women's uncompromisingly high expectations.
Any sleep earplug demands a small profile, as well as maximum comfort and sound blocking abilities. Using the latest research into ergonomic design and harnessing the power of thermo-reactive elastomer, the minimalist size of the Ladybud earplug succeeds like no other.
Pack contents: 1 pair. Reusable, washable, virtually invisible. Noise reduction: 30dB. Tested to EU standards. Packaging may vary from that shown in images.
We estimate the lifespan of these earplugs to be up to six months. Take care to keep them clean and dry and always store them in their protective box inbetween each use.
Please read the Otifleks Sizing Guide BEFORE you order, as sizing is important and you can't know which size fits you unless you check first. The measuring guide (and ring) on some boxes helps you check which size is best for you when your order arrives. Please use these guides when you receive your item as you then don't need to open the box and can return your earplugs without a problem. IF YOU UNSEAL THE BOX WE CAN'T ACCEPT A RETURN.

Price 12.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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