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Otifleks Flier Earplugs

Otifleks Flier Earplugs

In stock

Otifleks' Flier earplugs contain a unique micro filter which reacts to pressure changes instantly, while protecting your peace and quiet during your flight.
Made from a thermoactive material, Flier earplugs promote lasting comfort by softening to the shape of your ear canal using your body heat.
Suitable for anyone who suffers from ear pain on take-off and landing. Product leaflet here.
Packaging and earplug colour may differ from that shown in images.
Please read the Otifleks Sizing Guide BEFORE you order, as sizing is important and you can't know which size fits you unless you check first. Please use these guides when you receive your item as you then don't need to open the box and can return your earplugs without a problem.

Price: 7.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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