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Muffy Children's EarMuffs

Muffy Children's EarMuffs

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Alpine Muffy ear defenders are specially designed for children's smaller ears. They're suitable for any noisy environment, such as music festivals, parades, fireworks, and motorsports events.
Muffy ear muffs can also be used by children whose special needs mean they cannot tolerate everyday sounds.
The sturdy and comfortable Alpine Muffy earmuff is made of high quality plastic and the adjustable band is covered in soft fabric. Foldable and easy to clean, the Muffy has a noise reduction rating of 25 decibels.
Although this product should fit children of any age, Alpine recommends that it is not used by children younger than 2 years. Children under 5 must only use it with adult supervision.

Price: 12.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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