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Contours Earplugs

Contours Earplugs

In stock

Now supplied as an ECO option only: more details here.
With a noise reduction rating of 35 decibels, Moldex Contours compete with the very best earplugs available.
Their other great asset is their shape - they're not called Contours for nothing. Softly flared, they should conform to most ear canals.
There are two sizes: standard and small. The small size is exactly the same earplug as Ohropax's MiniSoft earplugs. We find these are particularly suitable for women and anyone with small ear canals - including children from about the age of 7.
Packaging: 10 individually wrapped pairs with or without extra outer plastic bag - the latter is cheaper and is called the ECO option. Make sure you select the correct size in the drop-down box. Colour: green/yellow.

Price: 7.25 (Including VAT at 20%)

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