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ISOLATE® Aluminium Earplugs

ISOLATE Aluminium Earplugs

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ISOLATE® aluminium earplugs are finely crafted in aerospace grade aluminium. They are lightweight and wonderfully effective.
How do they work? The metal is isolated with a soft foam tip inside your ear. The density of the metal means sound waves can't penetrate, and where traditional earplugs fail to deal with noise, ISOLATE® succeed beautifully - even at low frequencies. What's more, rather than living in a disorientating world of absolute silence, you can actually hear with more clarity and definition due to your body's own sound conduction.
The noise reduction is around 35dB - close to our best selling Spark Plugs Soft. The advantage with ISOLATE® though, is that they are reusable, with only the latex-free foam tips needing to be replaced when they wear out.
As with all earplugs, it's crucial to understand that no earplugs will block out all noise. Secondly, the earplug has to fit you to work at all. If you know you have very small ear canals, then please don't order them.
Pack contents: One pair of ISOLATE® Aluminium ear protectors plus a set of small/medium/large EARFOAMS®. These are placed on the end of the earplug which enters the ear. Most people will find one of the sizes works for them. Fitting instructions are included.
Earplug colour: Red

Price 19.99

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