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HearDefender-DF Earplugs

HearDefender-DF Earplugs

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HearDefender-DF earplugs are ideal for work, music, motorcycling and other loud activities. Reusable, washable and comfortable. Noise reduction rating: up to 22dB. Particularly useful for reducing sudden impact noise for example, fireworks and thunder.
HearDefender-DF earplugs reduce noise to safe levels, while at the same time they allow voice communications and awareness of your environment to penetrate the ear canal.
The key feature of this award-winning earplug design are the two in-built filters. Sound suppression is actually increased the more noise you are exposed to, while voices are clearer.
One filter can be removed for radio communications purposes (instructions included, comms equipment not included).
HearDefenderDF come as a single pair in either orange or black, with a choice of three sizes: small, medium and large.
  • Advanced filter technology improves speech and radio communications
  • No distortion or muffling
  • Removeable external filter
  • Fit comfortably under helmets
  • Floatable, moisture resistant
  • Breathable filter helps pressure equalisation
  • 3 sizes for optimal fitting
  • Can be used with a mobile phone
  • Durable - last about a year
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Directions: Download a HearDefenderDF product guide here.
    Sizing: Choosing the proper size is relatively easy but needs care so you don't end up with an earplug which doesn't fit. The LARGE HearDefenderDF are about the circumference of an AA battery and the MEDIUM HearDefender-DF are about the circumference of an AAA battery. Anything smaller would suggest that SMALL would be best for you.

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