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EarSonics PAD Music Earplugs

EarSonics PAD Music Earplugs

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EarSonics earplugs are renowned in France for high quality, natural response musicians' earplugs. In fact, EarSonics supply custom fit in-ear monitors to about 90% of France's professional musicians.
EarSonics offer a universal-fit "PAD" earplug which gives music lovers and artists no excuse not to protect their hearing. PAD = Protecteurs Auditifs. Discreet enough to wear when you go clubbing.
Each set of earplugs comes with instructions, and a storage pouch. Please note that packaging may vary from that shown here.
Pack details: one pair of resuable and washable earplugs with a carry case. Please note: the children's size is not to be used for children aged 0 to 3 years.
Nearly 70% of serious ear damage is caused by listening to, or playing music. Earsonics Pad® earplugs offer the hearing protection which allows you to hear the music safely and naturally, just at a lower decibel level.
Developed by musician and sound engineer Franck Lopez, the Universal PAD earplug has an average attenuation of around 16dB and is fully compliant with EU noise reduction requirements.

Price: 15.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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