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Women's Earplugs Sleep Pack

Women's Earplugs Sleep Pack

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The earplugs in the Women's Earplugs Sleep Pack are on the smaller side - they're the ones we know are likely to fit women best. However, men with smaller ear canals can also benefit. We might add or substitute earplugs from time to time but you will always have at least the number of earplugs in the categories shown below, and sometimes more.
Please ensure you have read our Earplugs Information Section before you place your order.
The Women's pack contains one pair of each of the following in a recycled paper envelope (not shown):
Memory Foam Earplugs: SnoreBlockers, Dreamgirl, Spark Plugs Soft, MaxLite, Ohropax Mini Soft (Moldex Contours Small), Mack's SlimFit, LaserLite, Ear Soft 21 earplugs, SuperSoft earplugs (small).
Silicone Earplugs: Insta-Putty
Wax Earplugs: Ohropax Classic

Price 14.95

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