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EarPlanes Flight Earplugs

EarPlanes Flight Earplugs

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EarPlanes are silicone ear plugs which provide an airtight seal between the product and the ear canal, helping to regulate pressure with an exclusive ceramic filter.
As cabin pressure changes, the filter acts helps impede the flow of air into and out of the ear canal.
A blocked Eustachian tube is the most common form of discomfort when an aeroplane descends. EarPlanes are designed to allow relief of this condition - known as barotrauma.
The smaller version of EarPlanes earplugs is suitable for children from the ages of 5 years up to ten, or for anyone with small ear canals.
EarPlanes are suitable for people with:
* sensitive ears
* who are suffering from nasal allergies
* are suffering with a sinus problem
Earplanes help to filter out high frequency noise generated by aircraft engines whilst at the same time allowing the passenger to hear airline flight announcements. EarPlanes earplugs are disposable and are manufactured from latex-free medical grade silicone and contain the unique CeramXTM Filter. They can be used for one round trip flight.
Please click here for an EarPlanes information sheet.

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