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Alpine Clean Earplugs Spray

Alpine Clean Earplugs Spray

In stock

NB: for UK orders only
Alpine Clean is a handy disinfectant cleaning spray for your reusable earplugs and ear muffs to help them last longer and protect your ears optimally.
Destroys most bacteria and viruses within minutes.
No residue, no stickiness and quick drying, Alpine Clean comes in a smart aluminium aerosol. Can also be used as a hand cleaner!
Please note: this item cannot be sent to addresses outside the UK.
ADVANTAGES • Cleans and disinfects ear protection products • Extends the lifespan of your earplugs • Prevents skin irritation and ear problems • Is not sticky and does not leave any residue • Dries quickly • Customised earplugs stay soft and ?flexible • The liquid is odourless • Practical spray bottle
INSTRUCTIONS • Spray a little Alpine Clean onto the ear protection product. • Allow the liquid to dry or clean with a tissue.
PRECAUTIONS: • Keep out of the reach of children • Avoid contact with eyes • Not for internal use • Store in closed container
SPECIFICATIONS • 25 ml spray bottle.
Product leaflet: Alpine Clean

Price: 4.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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