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ZenPlugs Swim Earplugs

ZenPlugs Swim Earplugs

In stock

ZenPlugs Swim are revolutionary moulded swimming ear plugs which protect against swimmers' ear and surfers' ear.
These unique ear plugs are moulded to your ears from a kit, in a simple one stage process which gives you long-lasting, super-comfortable swimming ear plugs. Connected on a cord and with a brightly-coloured float they are easy to find and even float in the water if you drop them. The cord and float are designed to pass under your swimming hat so you can take your plugs out in the water without losing them.
ZenPlugs Swim protect against swimmers' ear in two ways; first the customised seal blocks water, germs and dirt from your ears. Secondly powerful antibacterial Steritouch kills all bacteria known to cause ear infections, giving you confidence that you won't miss out on time in the water.
Key Features
The only Double Action Moulded Swimming Earplugs in the world
Banish water from your ears; great earplugs for itchy ears
Antibacterial against salmonella, pseudomonas and MRSA
Soften in hot water and mould in your ears in minutes
The only custom swimming ear plugs in the world which can be remoulded and healed with hot water if damaged
Incredibly comfortable due to a unique patent-pending one-stage process
Lanyard included; never lose your ear plugs

Price: 19.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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