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Ohropax MINI Silicone Earplugs

Ohropax MINI Silicone Earplugs

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Small, but oh so perfectly formed: Ohropax MINI are little earplugs which deliver big results. The key difference between these and our regular Ohropax silicone earplugs is simply the reduced size, which means they are perfect for adults with smaller ear canals and children over the age of six.
Ohropax MINI Silicone earplugs sit securely over the opening to your ear canal and help combat noise, incuding of course, snoring. They can also be used as protection against water and wind. Not to be used below 1 metre water depth. Take care that you don't accidentally push the earplugs inside the ear canal. If they are too small, please revert to using regular Ohropax silicone earplugs.
Pack size: 4 pairs. Noise reduction: 23dB when used correctly.
Suggested Uses
Relaxing - Open plan office working - Studying - Reading - Grommets - Sleeping - Wind - Travel
Please watch this YouTube video for a clear explanation of how to use your silicone putty earplugs.

Price 5.95

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