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Haspro Tube 50 pairs

Haspro Tube 50 pairs

In stock

Haspro's popular Multi Foam Earplugs are now available in a tube containing 50 pairs. Packaged in a stylish, recyclable cardboard cylinder, this bulk buy saves you money and of course, saves your hearing.
Made from super soft polyurethane foam, Haspro Tube earplugs provide optimal adaptation to each ear canal.
Suitable for: - Sleeping - Travelling - Relaxing - Working
Earplug size: 6-12mm.
Colour: yellow.
Pack size: 50 pairs.
Includes free storage case to keep your Haspro earplugs clean and dry.
Information sheet: click here.
* earplugs have to fit you to achieve any reduction in noise


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