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Haspro Swim Earplugs

Haspro Swim Earplugs

In stock

Haspro Swim are professional quality earplugs specially designed for use in a swimming pool environment, providing the wearer with effective protection against water penetration. The clever construction and built-in filter also reduce irritating background noise, whilst still allowing you to communicate with ease. Leave behind the pain and discomfort of water-logged ears, and enjoy your time at the pool with the peace of mind that your hearing is safe and sound.

Key facts:
- reliable protection against water penetration whilst swimming
- cancelation of excessive background noise coming from your fellow swimmers
- resistance against bacteria that could enter the inner ear and cause infection
- comfort and safety during and after your visit to the pool by avoiding that stuffed up feeling
- ease of use, thanks to a universal one-size-fits-all design
- a practical storage container

Price 12.95

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