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Haspro Swim Earplugs

Haspro Swim Earplugs

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Haspro Swim are professional quality earplugs specially designed for use in a swimming pool environment, providing the wearer with effective protection against water penetration. The clever construction and built-in filter also reduce irritating background noise, whilst still allowing you to communicate with ease. Leave behind the pain and discomfort of water-logged ears, and enjoy your time at the pool with the peace of mind that your hearing is safe and sound.
Directions: Check that the Haspro earplugs are clean before use.
Take hold of the top of your ear and pull it slightly upwards and backwards.
Insert the ear protector into your ear canal.
Let go of your ear and gently push in the ear protector once again.
Precautions: as with any earplugs, care is required when inserting and removing Haspro earplugs. Do not force the earplug deep into the ear canal and do not remove abruptly. Gently ease the earplug out of the ear, using your other hand to pull the upper part of your ear upwards and towards the back of your head to straighten the ear canal. Use the same technique to insert the earplug. Disclaimer: Snorestore disclaims any and all liability, loss or otherwise, which may occur through negligence in the use of this product; to include insertion, wearing and the removal of this product.

Key facts:
- reliable protection against water penetration whilst swimming
- cancelation of excessive background noise coming from your fellow swimmers
- resistance against bacteria that could enter the inner ear and cause infection
- comfort and safety during and after your visit to the pool by avoiding that stuffed up feeling
- ease of use, thanks to a universal one-size-fits-all design
- a practical storage container

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