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Haspro Office Earplugs

Haspro Office Earplugs

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Phone calls, loud colleagues, blaring radio or clicking keyboards? No wonder it's hard to concentrate at work!
Haspro Office earplugs are designed to mitigate noise, for anyone who needs peace and quiet during long hours in the office. Open plan working is increasingly popular for companies wanting to save on space - without consideration of the effect on their staff. Loud stimuli and a buzzing atmosphere might be good for some, but many office workers find it near impossible to get on with their jobs effectively in such sittuations. Haspro Office earplugs can help. They really can.

Key facts:
- office noise suppression
- ear ventilation filter, allowing for hours of use
- discreet design, almost transparent
- handy storage container
- universal size, adapting to almost every ear
- made of comfortable, hypoallergenic silicone
- can be wiped clean (do not wash under a tap)
Material: Hypoallergic silicone
Type of filter: Office
Noise reduction : SNR 23dB
Size: 16x22 mm

Price 12.95

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