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Haspro Moto Earplugs

Haspro Moto Earplugs

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Forget about wind noise and enjoy the engine sound!
Haspro Moto are professional grade earplugs designed specifically for motorcyclists. Prioritising safety and comfort, they are ideal for both long and short journeys.
Why use earplugs while riding a motorbike? Simple: exposure to noise levels above 70dB can seriously compromise your hearing. On a motorcycle, noise levels can easily exceed 98dB when travelling at speeds above 70mph. This can cause disorientation, leading to tiredness, loss of concentration, and slower response times to potential threats. It can also permanently damage your hearing.
Haspro Moto earplugs are designed to keep you safe and alert, letting you enjoy the open road without worrying about sensory impairment. Haspro Moto Earplugs fit discreetly under your helmet without causing any discomfort.
Directions: Check that the Haspro earplugs are clean before use.
Take hold of the top of your ear and pull it slightly upwards and backwards.
Insert the ear protector into your ear canal.
Let go of your ear and gently push in the ear protector once again.
Precautions: as with any earplugs, care is required when inserting and removing Haspro earplugs. Do not force the earplug deep into the ear canal and do not remove abruptly. Gently ease the earplug out of the ear, using your other hand to pull the upper part of your ear upwards and towards the back of your head to straighten the ear canal. Use the same technique to insert the earplug. Disclaimer: Snorestore disclaims any and all liability, loss or otherwise, which may occur through negligence in the use of this product; to include insertion, wearing and the removal of this product.

Key facts:
- unrivalled hearing protection while riding a motorcycle
- clear audibility of road sounds and traffic signals
- an adaptable, pain-free and secure fit to suit every ear
- a handy storage container to make sure you've always got your earplugs to hand
- can be wiped clean (do not wash under a tap)
Technical Specification:
H= 26dB M= 23dB L= 22dB
SNR= 26dB
Product series: UNIFIT
Material: Hypoallergic silicone:
Type of filter: Road
Noise reduction: SNR 26dB
Size: 15x22mm

Price 15.95

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