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Happy Ears Earplugs

Happy Ears Earplugs

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Happy Ears are designed to turn down the volume wherever and whenever you need a little bit of peace and quiet.
Soft, reusable and stylish, Happy Ear earplugs sit comfortably inside the ear canal, even during sleep.
Discreet while in use, they can be gently washed or wiped clean when you have finished with them.
Happy Ears are reusable and come with a storage case. SNR: 25.
Suitable for: sleeping, noisy bars/restaurants, music
Small earplugs: Fit small ear canals. 20% of users wear small.
Medium earplugs: Fit the majority. 60% of users wear medium.
Large earplugs: Fit large ear canals. 20% of users wear large.
Nominal sizes:
Covers the range from (mm):
S: 6-8 mm (red)
M: 8-9 mm (white)
L: 9-10 mm (black)
Attenuation: High: 26 dB Medium: 23 dB Low: 22 dB SNR: 25 dB

Price: 9.99

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