Ay, there’s the rub

We’ve been thinking a  lot about sleep recently.

Not just because – to state the blindingly obvious – Snorestore is all about earplugs which help you sleep.

But mainly because we are learning that when we sleep, how well we sleep, how long we sleep, all these affect our long-term and short-term physical and mental health.

We went to a talk at the Royal Society of Arts by Matthew Walker, a neuroscientist, who has a new book out, all about sleep. He had some stunning premises for us to digest, from the size of men’s testicles (no, really), to sleep deprivation and links to Alzheimer’s disease.

You can read more about Walker’s work, and his book, here https://www.waterstones.com/book/why-we-sleep/matthew-walker/9780241269060 and here https://www.theguardian.com/books/2017/sep/21/why-we-sleep-by-matthew-walker-review

We’ve also noticed more and more beauty brands jumping on the sleep bandwagon. This isn’t a bad thing of course – anything legal which helps you sleep has to be a good thing.

Neom Organics is the latest to catch our eye. Their Sleep Collection looks cute (it’s actually tiny) and smells lovely. You can find it here https://www.johnlewis.com/neom-organics-london-home-of-sleep-collection/p3295448

We will be giving away one copy of Why We Sleep and one Neom Organics Sleep Collection in the run-up to Christmas. If you want to be in with a chance of winning one of these, please sign up for our newsletter here and look out for an email from us in the coming weeks.

A long time ago …

ZenPlugs Custom Moulded Earplugs… we were contacted by a very clever doctor who had designed a brand new type of earplug – an earplug which you mould yourself.

Toby Bateson, a hospital doctor in Cornwall, had become so frustrated at his stethoscope failing to stay in his ears that he felt compelled to find a solution. Then he realised that his invention would also make perfect noise reducing earplugs. ZenPlugs were born.

Snorestore was on board with the project from the very start. We love new ideas and we’re in awe of people who see them through to fruition.

Now, several years later and bang up to date, the latest incarnation of ZenPlugs comes with an international noise reduction validation certificate and a clever real time video to show you how to make earplugs that fit you, and no-one else.

You can buy ZenPlugs from us here.

Premium reusable earplugs – at last

ISOLATE® Aluminium Earplugs
ISOLATE® Aluminium Earplugs

Well now. Finally we can bring you an update on one of the most anticipated earplugs events of the last year – the public launch of ISOLATE® Aluminium Earplugs.

Reusable many times, and with replacement soft contoured tips available,  ISOLATE® Aluminium Earplugs are suitable for music, working, noisy environments, and if your ear canals will take them, sleeping as well.

With a mid to high noise reduction rating and a range of colours, ISOLATE® Aluminium Earplugs are a welcome addition to Snorestore’s  noise-busting armoury.

You can order them online from us here.

New-look eye masks and a new colour

Ohropax 3D eye masks in navy blue or pink
Ohropax 3D eye masks in navy blue or pink

We’ve been offering Ohropax’s sleep eye masks for years because they’re such good quality. Now we’re pleased to say they’re even better, and if you’re into your pink stuff, you can have one in pink as well. You can order your Ohropax 3D eye mask quickly and easily by clicking here. Please specify by email whether you would prefer pink or blue.